EDITION 2021/2022

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press space bar to start/stop the drum-machine

After more than 18 months of quarantines and pandemic, we are pleased to open a new call for the SQUATTED.ONLINE exhibition; this year the topic is RAVE!

The topic came with ease as we can't wait to shake our bums to high paced music and glowing lights. Therefore, this year we ask all the participants to submit a digital artwork, a musical performance, a track, a lecture or an essay, dealing with the topic of RAVE.

We don't care whether you are generation Z raver or a good old raver from the late 80's what we want is at least 140 bpm of heavy beats either literally or metaphorically represented in the medium of your choice.

Stay tuned with us as we might also be able to provide space for streamed and live performances.